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Oil pipe, Gates, Cable, Continuous Panels
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Oilfield Fence Pipe Uses

​Corrals & Arenas
Driveways & Entrances
Hitching Rails
Flag poles & Light Poles
Cattle Guards
Frames for Building & Loafing Sheds, Batting Cages, & Dog Kennels
Supports for Solar Panels, New Trees, & Awnings

Possibilities are Endless!

Oil Pipe, Drillstem,
Pipe Fence.


Oilfield fence pipe is the strongest, longest-lasting fence type available. And it’s virtually maintenance free, livestock-friendly, and versatile.


It’s important, however, to understand the quality of pipe you’re buying. It can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs.

And A+ Fence Pipe Sales stands behind its highest quality pipe in the industry.

Learn more about the structural integrity and buying tips for oilfield pipe fencing.

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