• We have purchased pipe from A+ Fence Pipe Sales Inc. for over 5 years now and will continue to do so. We order loads as we need them, so a lot of the time we make last minute orders and need the pipe quickly. Matt has it in stock, gets it loaded and on the way every time. The pipe we get from him is spot on for quality, we have not been able to get better quality anywhere else. A+ Fence Pipe Sales is our go to pipe supplier.

  • I’ve bought a lot of pipe from ole Matt Young at A+ Fence Pipe Sales Inc over the years. Always been good quality pipe. Matt stands behind his product taking care of any issues.

  • I get all my pipe from A+ Fence Pipe Sales Inc. I don’t go anywhere else.

  • “I have purchased many thousands of feet of structural pipe from A+ Fence Pipe Sales. If you need it delivered…if you need various dimensions up to culvert size…if you want the fairest price around call Matt at A+ Fence Pipe Sales Ince. There are Awesome to deal with.”

    — Doug, Double D Equestrian Center.

  • “Our Welding and repair shop from South Dakota, has been doing business with Matt from A+ Fence Pipe Sales Inc. since 2008. Matt is very easy to work with and has always given us great customer service. He always goes out of his way to get us the pipe we are looking for at competitive prices.”

    — Debra, South Dakota

  • “I’ve purchased many loads from A+ Fence Pipe Sales and have been happy every time.”

    — Mark, Nebraska

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